My name is Monique and I love love love art! Im no expert but I do enjoy analyzing and hearing opinions from others about their views on different creations and pieces of art. Expression is very important for us as human beings, and finding ways to channel our emotions is key for our happiness and well being. This is why I enjoy what people create, we can see a piece of them through their creations and at the same time we are able to relate ourselves to what is shown.

 All rights reserved by Erica Lowenkron

This is why I created this blog, so I could openly talk about my own perspective and to give anyone the freedom to express their opinions and beliefs. Each individual interprets what they see, reads, hears, etc. differently, because all of us live different experiences and so whatever we conclude is based on personal life experiences.

So! I hope you enjoy and comment respectfully on this blog about your own opinions and feelings about some of the pieces I display. I would love to start conversations and learn as I go on exploring inside the beautiful world of art!